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Please feel free to share this Support Platform with your prospects. It is not a replicated website and there are no Referral Links on the site.

We do, however, have third party Resources on the website. You are free to contact their Admins and use them as you see fit. We do not derive any compensation for recommending these Resources to the Members of our Community.

If you have already acquired The MAP, this Platform is now YOUR Support & Business-building Portal to help you grow your new enterprise and maximize the opportunities within the MAP Portfolio.

Don't Have The MAP Yet?
There's A Reason We Are Showing All Of Our Stuff

If you are yet to create your FREE MAP account, then giving you full access to this exclusive 'Members' Only' space is merely our way of 'showing you all of our stuff' so that, as we mentioned earlier, if and when you say, "Yes, I'm gonna dance..." or "No, I'm gonna sit it out...", you know exactly what you are saying "Yes..." or "No..." to.

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About The MAP Platform


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The MAP - Admin Message


Please accept our warmest and most sincere Welcome to Global Residual Millionaires Network and to The MAP. We welcome you on behalf of every member of our expanding global Network and we look forward to seeing you achieve your most cherished financial goals through our Platform.

As we approach the most exciting, most exhilarating times we have ever seen in the Network Marketing/Home Business arena, we see a future that is absolutely going to be most amazing for those who choose to partner with us and become a part of what we see as one of the greatest adventures of our lifetime.

As a member of Global Residual Millionaires Network, your 'massive and spectacular' success is now the focus of all our efforts. Our desire is to see you fulfill your most cherished dreams and become a Residual Millionaire - even many times over - in the process.

Share with us our grand vision of a fabulous future filled with unprecedented Growth, Success, Prosperity and Global Travel.

We invite you to renew your enthusiasm for an amazing journey ahead and to be prepared to change your life (and the lives of many others around you) in very significant ways.

Your decision to become a part of our Network is going to turn out to be one of the best - if not the best - decisions you have ever made in your life!

As you review all the information provided below, please remember that your number one priority is to use every Resource and every Strategy here to invite just 4 partners towards your goal of achieving a '20-Club' as quickly as you possibly can to give your new enterprise a proper jump-start - a solid Foundation. The rest is automatic, massive and truly spectacular....!

Thank you for being here.

The MAP Admin Team

'Just Do A 20-Club! The Rest Is Automatic, Massive & Spectacular!'



Congratulations on your decision to become a Member of our growing Global Network. You are in for the ride of your life!

When you decided to join our Network, you became the main player in your most adventurous journey to extraordinary Residual Income success. It is the beginning of Your Best Life Story. Make the effort now to get started right away and to move forward decisively and with great purpose!

Please remember those 3 important Questions as you move forward:

1) Can I Make Any Money?
2) What Do I Have To Do?
3) Can I Do It?

Let's Set The Stage With A Short Video By Tim Sales

About Network Marketing...
Who Earns Millions? Who Earns Zero? Why?
Which Group Would YOU Like To Belong To?

This Is A Game Changer - Do Not Skip!



About Business Building
Skills Training + The MAP

As you may already know, great products and great pay plans can create great income opportunities, but it is 'Marketing' (action) that builds the income. This is where the 'rubber meets the road'! This is where a great 'Marketing Plan Of Action' can make the difference between earning a merely significant income and earning a super amazing, massive and spectacular income.

Our 'Marketing Plan Of Action' is anchored on:

  1. Ongoing Skills Training - by million dollars earners
  2. A Viable Marketing Platform/Funnel - The MAP
  3. A Viable Game Plan - the '20-Club' concept

The MAP - can help anyone to successfully apply Great Skills Training to leverage their Time, their Effort and their Resources to grow a very lucrative home-based enterprise that pays extremely well.

With a great System like what you have in your hands right now, you simply need to apply your Training to 'invite' & 'connect' a few others to the platform to set up a solid Foundation and then simply repeat over and over to achieve massive and spectacular income!

And it does not matter whether you initiate engagement with your potential prospects Online or Offline.

Because you have created your FREE MAP account, we are now 'showing you all of our stuff' - other business-building Resources, Community Support Resources and more - to help you make the very best decision you can make.

What Makes The MAP An Entrepreneur's Dream?

As a member of Global Residual Millionaires Network, your greatest benefit is that you will be able to build a Diversified Income Portfolio - with over 25 Income Streams - all from a single platform.

It is a fact that a great majority of online (Network) Marketers do get involved in more than three different income opportunities at any given time. Most of them try building each business separately thereby diluting their efforts resulting in very poor outcomes.What marketers need is a single platform from which they can easily and quickly build multiple streams of income.

We have managed to build a platform that anyone can use to achieve multiple streams of online income through the right balance of diversity and focus.

Our platform also gives you the chance to become a part of an amazingly dynamic and growing network of very pro-active entrepreneurs.

Besides the fact that you will benefit from the expertise and experience of our Network Leaders especially our core Leadership & Advisory Group - The MAP Pioneers - you will never need to start from scratch - ever again! - to have another income stream added to your Personal Income Portfolio.

Our Network's Momentum!

When you join and activate the Income Plans in our portfolio through our platform and create a new position - under your MAP Inviter - you will be in position to benefit enormously from our dynamic Team Momentum which should create plenty of Spillover and downline growth for you and every single one of your Team members. The excitement we have seen - right from Day 1 - has been nothing short of spectacular and...the best is yet to come!

The MAP - Main Objectives

The MAP has been designed to help you achieve two important objectives quickly and without having to do anything difficult or extraordinary:

    1. A Pro-Active Network of Business Partners (or Affiliates) growing under you - automatically! These are members who already understand the importance of each of us doing our part in helping The Network grow to the benefit of everyone.
    2. Commissions and Bonuses showing up in your Commission Wallets and Debit Cards day after day, week after week, month after month from multiple sources!

The MAP - About Duplication & Replication

Our Marketing System - The MAP - is all about 'simplicity' that works quickly and duplicates well and easily!

It's all about employing proven, simple business-building methods, techniques and strategies that can be passed along to others and can be used (duplicated) by anyone no matter what their level of skill, knowledge or experience.

Network Marketing is a business of Duplication! To do Network Marketing successfully enough to build massive success, you need a System and business-building strategy that others can duplicate quickly and easily.

If those who join and partner with you cannot duplicate and replicate what you do, then your business becomes a one-person effort venture instead of a team-effort venture. The MAP has solved that problem!

You see, whenever you are using a simple System and business-building Success Plan that anyone can use successfully no matter who they are - newcomer, part-timer, veteran networker or heavy-hitter - you can almost always guarantee your own long-term success.

When your prospects can clearly see a simple Plan Of Action - MAP - they can believe in...a Platform that frees up 90% of their time for the things they really want to do, they will join you, they will do what you do - duplication - and when they are able to experience the success they are looking for, they will stay...! And that's how you build long term Residual Income!

No More Guesswork!

With the MAP, your prospects will not have to guess what they need to do in order to be massively successful. Their main task will be to 'invite & connect' others to our Network by simply giving the System away - FREE. That's it! Our Support and Follow Up System will do much of the rest of what needs to be done to help you create the level of success you are looking for.

As a member of our Network, you get this exclusive Team-building Marketing & Recruiting System - The MAP ...absolutely FREE for as long as you care to own it! have this Support Platform to help you 'close the deal' and grow your Network and income to whatever level you desire!

Consider The Following...

    • In general your degree of success in any Network Marketing endeavor is ultimately determined by the part-timers and newcomers who join you and become your business partners.
    • They typically will make up over 75 - 85%% of any Network Marketing distributor force.
    • For you to be massively successful, those who partner with you must be able to believe that they can duplicate the Plan Of Action and Techniques you are using.
    • It must be obvious and clear to them that they can build a great income within a reasonable time frame and with a reasonable amount of effort.
    • The potential Rewards (in business growth and compensation) must be clear, abundant and clearly achievable.

YOU Are In The Right Place...!

With a Team that sincerely wants YOU to achieve massive and spectacular success, a FREE Platform to create multiple streams of income that is second to none...and a Business-building Game Plan that can work for absolutely anyone and everyone....

YOU now have almost everything you need to design your future , your life, your world - just the way YOU want it!

You have a 'System' and a 'Funnel' that will allow you to successfully invite as many Business Partners as you want! We are giving you everything you need to easily and successfully invite 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 or more customers and business Partners.

In addition to our Team System, you will also have powerful Marketing Systems that are exclusive to each of the individual Income Plans in our Portfolio. You can use these as you see fit.


The MAP - MLM Education Platform
Understanding The Network Marketing Business Model

Network Marketing Works Best When You Add 'The Right Action' To Your Knowledge Of 'How It Works'.

Our passion and purpose here is, first and foremost, to be a source of educational information and inspiration. And... we allow you to share The Platform with others so that they, too, can be informed, involved, educated and inspired about MLM/Network Marketing entrepreneurship.

When you share it with others, The MAP will give your prospects the 'proper basic MLM education' so they can 'enter' - if they are new - or 're-enter' -'re-introduced' with a new mindset - if they have are already involved in the home business Network Marketing industry. Now they can be fully primed for real and lasting success.

We aim to take 'not knowing' out of the battle to make Network Marketing work for the greatest majority of participants - the newcomers and part-timers, who normally will make up over 75 - 85% of any downline distributor force.

We provide the kind of basic but essential 'education' your prospects need before they can even take the 'chance' to try making life-changing money through Network Marketing seriously.

The MAP will help your prospects and ultimately your Business Partners understand the business basics and also to set the proper expectation in their minds so they do not come in with some pipe dream of earning millions in their first month.

The System was also designed to help your prospective partners understand the deliberate processes required to actually make it in this industry. You always want to bring people into your business who are in the right frame of mind for long-term success.

If your prospects are not ready with the right knowledge that helps to set them up with the right realistic expectations, they are likely to walk away before they experience the success that is so truly possible and reachable (with the right opportunities) in our industry.

The MAP will help your prospects to fully understand the Network Marketing Business model and its three important underlying fundamentals:

  • Residual Income
  • Leverage
  • Geometric Growth

Those who are experiencing massive success in this industry are those who understand and allow these powerful concepts to guide them as they grow their businesses. They are also able to pass these principles on to others who do the same through several generations of team members....


The MAP - Skills Training & More

We understand that the best investment you can ever make in Network Marketing is the time you invest to develop your Prospecting Techniques and Skills - Your 'Inviting' Skills - YIS.
That is if you are interested in growing long term Residual Income.

We have made available several top-of-the-line Resources by some of the best Network Marketing Trainers - Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter, Eric Worre, Tim Sales, Don & Nancy Failla and Mark Januzewski - The World's Laziest Networker!

If you are truly serious about achieving massive and spectacular success...this is where you will be able to learn everything you need to know in order to effortlessly 'invite & connect' new Partners to our Platform.


'MAP Daily' - Follow Up, Business Building Support & More...!
"If You Can Count Your Money...Sunday Is Not Your Day Off"

Just do your part - Invite, Connect & Engage - and leave the major part of the task of follow up to us and our Support System!

Once you do your part, we take over from there and we do most of the follow-up on your behalf - automatically!

The moment your prospect acquires their own FREE MAP - no matter if they are 'serious' or just 'curious' - they are on Your List and in Our System and an unrelenting follow up and Support process begins and continues indefinitely or until your prospect - your potential New Partner - lets us know they do not want to make lots of money anymore!

We nurture the people on Your List (your prospective Customers and Business Partners) with inspiring and motivating information, proven-to-work Network Marketing Success Training, Our Network updates, Member Testimonials and in many other ways that empower them to envision great possibilities for themselves.

Just Add Your Personal Touch & Get Engaged In Your Partners' Efforts To Find Success

As a Sponsor or 'Inviter', you only need to add a personal touch to the building of a business relationship with your prospective partners and those who have become a part of your Team. Make contact, introduce or re-introduce yourself and offer to be a truly pro-active participant in their quest for personal success. You WILL get to share in their success!

"Take your eye off the money and put it on people and the money will follow you!"

It pays!

BIG Time!